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JFK Library Forums

Mar 21, 2022

Mar 16, 2022

Kate Clifford Larson, visiting scholar at the Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center, discusses her new book "Walk with Me: A Biography of Fannie Lou Hamer" which draws on new interviews and fresh archival material to explore Hamer’s life and impact on the civil rights movement. Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead,...

Mar 9, 2022

Baylor Fox-Kemper, professor of earth, environmental, and planetary sciences at Brown University; Courtney Humphries, journalist and author; Paul Kirshen, professor of climate adaptation at the University of Massachusetts Boston; Sanjay Seth, climate resilience program manager for the City of Boston; and the Rev....

Mar 2, 2022

Neal Thompson, journalist and author, discusses his forthcoming book "The First Kennedys: The Humble Roots of an American Dynasty," which draws on previously unreleased records to explore the lives of Bridget and Patrick Kennedy, with Christine Kinealy, professor of history and director of Ireland’s Great Hunger...

Feb 11, 2022